Our range

Optician’s services

In our optician’s laboratories we create corrective glasses for children, adolescents and adults under the supervision of lens-optics masters. It is here where, using state-of-the-art machines, lenses and prescription glasses or sunglasses frames are forged into ready-to-wear:

All lenses used in our glasses are made by Hoya or other leading producers.


Ophthalmological services

In our surgeries ophthalmologists and optometrists carry out eye tests for children, adolescents and adults.

All applied contact lenses are manufactured by leading producers, such as CooperVision, Johnson&Johnson and Bausch + Lomb.


Our stores employ a team of experienced counsellors, who will listen to you and make sure that each pair of glasses is appropriate for your individual needs. Our assistants use cutting-edge technologies that make it possible to determine all the parameters necessary to make glasses.

Service and repair

We only service glasses that were made in our optician‘s stores.

Online Shop

Optician’s Stores
and Ophthalmologist’s

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